I am available in a variety of ways: in person, by phone, or to teach classes, conduct workshops or facilitate plant walks.
(For your convenience, l accept payments in person or by PayPal.)


General Consultation $50 per hour ($1 per minute thereafter)

Healing Session (includes teas, tinctures) $85* per hour

Fertility Session (includes teas, tinctures, and body work) $160*

*Price is  for a typical session for one person. Additional fees may apply for treatment and tinctures that may need to be prescribed for a spouse.


How to communicate with me:

Contact me by email to set up a consultation

Skype consultations are also available
Skype name: Marika.Alvarado

Let's discuss which service(s) best fit your personal needs.

Please call me for an appointment:
Tel. 512-917-1057