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I am available in a variety of ways: in person, by phone, or to teach classes, conduct workshops or facilitate plant walks.
(For your convenience, l accept payments in person or by PayPal.)

***My July,2022 schedule is full.  Any services paid from here will be scheduled in August. 2022***


General Consultation $200* per hour ($1 per minute thereafter)

Fertility (after consultation) $2000* (session includes body assessment)

Healing Session (after consultation) $100* per hour (different sessions may include the following):

  • Body work/sobadas

  • Cupping/ventosas

  • Health assessment

  • Ceremony

Cleansings/Limpias $75

*Price is for a typical session for one person. Additional fees may apply for treatment and tinctures that may need to be recommended.

To pay for supplies or teas, please choose the

"Buy Now" button below.

How to communicate with me:

Contact me by email to set up a consultation

Let's discuss which service(s) best fit your personal needs.

Please call me for an appointment:
Tel. 512-917-1057

Virtual visits are available.

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