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   The Of the Earth Institute of Indigenous Culture and Teachings Certificate Program is for the study and practice of Traditional Indigenous Medicine. The program is designed for the serious student who is committed to the work and time it will take to learn the Plant Medicine, the Ceremony, and the Knowledge of a Traditional Indigenous Healer. 

   The successful student will have experienced a calling to serve others via the practice of natural and traditional healing.

   The Institute will incorporate the plant- and animal-based Indigenous and Traditional Healing Ceremony and Medicine that has been handed down for thousands of years to generations of Medicine Women and Men.

   I look forward to sharing my knowledge with my students in the hope that the Medicine and Ceremony will not die, but will continue to help and heal for generations to come.

Thank you,

Marika Alvarado

Traditional Healer/Curanderismo In Person 2024-2025 Session

Price Options
One-time purchase
Payment plan
$400.00every month for 5 months
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